Style True Public Officials: Don’t PAT Yourself On The Back

It’s not enough to be elected, because of one’s empty rhetoric, and/ or empty promises! Once one ends up serving in a specific position, it’s essential to focus on what’s needed, and necessary, for the best interests of one’s constituents, and the nation, without making it, all about him! Some refer to this tendency, to try to constantly hog the credit, as being narcissistic, while others seem to think, it’s about how big one’s ego is. At other times, it is neither of these, but occurs because of either a lack of understanding, empathy, or because of personal insecurities. Perhaps this has come to a head, with the election of President Donald Trump, who seems to need to be the constant, center of attention, often exhibiting a significant level of insecurity. However, we’ve seen politicians before, perhaps using a different style and/ or rhetoric, such as when, Mayor Ed Koch, often asked, How am I doing! Since constituents and nation are poorly served by narcissism, this article will briefly examine, using the mnemonic approach, why it is often, quite detrimental, when a public official, so often, needs a PAT on his back!

1. Planning; priorities; perceptions; proceed: Wouldn’t we be, far better served, if an elected official, committed to the highest level, of effective, meaningful, relevant planning? Examine whether a public leader, did all he can, to ensure his priorities, were in sync with, the needs, concerns, etc, of the citizens, rather than any personal agenda, and/ or self – interest! Compare the differences between perceptions and realities, and demand, these individuals, put results ahead of their ego, and didn’t find it, necessary, to receive credit, constantly. For example, wouldn’t it be better, if Mr. Trump, placed his emphasis on achieving, rather than trying to show up his predecessor? A quality leader will proceed, with a focus on helping and service, rather than needing to constantly be thanked!2. Aptitude; attitude; attention; anticipate; articulate: Wouldn’t we be better served by someone, who proceed, consistently, with a positive, can – do, attitude, rather than focusing on negativity, blaming and complaining? Shouldn’t the leader, possess the highest possible aptitude, where he admits his strengths and weaknesses, and utilizes his strongest assets, while effectively addressing areas of weakness? Examine where one’s focus and attention, is! A true leader has the ability, to anticipate, what might become needed and necessary, rather than procrastinating! Look closely at one’s message, and how he articulates his perspectives, and preferences!

3. Timely; trained; trustworthy: The tendency to want to be thanked, often harms one’s willingness to go beyond his comfort zone, and proceed, in a timely, well – considered manner! We need leaders, who have skills, but have an open – mind, permitting them to constantly, become better trained! One must, both, be, and perceived as, being trustworthy!Beware of anyone who needs that constant, PAT on the back! We need empathetic leaders, who place constituents, above their ego!